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Dayton Ear, Nose, and Throat Surgeons, Inc. believes in providing comprehensive, quality patient care for ear, nose and throat problems. A leading Dayton, Ohio Allergy testing center, the doctors practice Environmental Medicine, or, allergy for the 21st century. Combining traditional inhalant allergy testing with emerging concepts in food and chemical allergy sensitivities testing, Dayton ENT is a leader in Dayton, Ohio for allergy testing and treatment.

We also provide the Doctors Hearing Service and other ambulatory services such as chelation, IV Therapy and Low Dose Allergen Immunotherapy.

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May is National Allergy Month

Are you suffering with allergy symptoms?

Just around the corner we can test & treat you. Call to schedule an appointment today so you can start feeling better tomorrow!

National Allergy
Awareness Month
Vitamin Sale During May

Buy 2 Vitamin C
Get 1 Vitamin D Free

Vitamin C – 2,000 mg per day
Vitamin D – 3,000 iu per day

Allergy Blues

Most people find the world most fair;
They eat the food; they breathe the air.
But air and food are now my foes,
Giving me a bright red nose.
My hives break out with berries near;
Of wheat and milk I have great fear.
The smell of fish gives me the “tizzy.”
The taste of fish can make me dizzy.
My eyes scratch out the ragweed blues;
The pollen count is all bad news.
From paper dust I start to weep;
I wear a mask whenever I sweep.
The molds and spores abound galore-
I cannot stand them anymore.
From trees and grass, at any cost,
I stay aloof and pray for frost;
But frost won’t cure me altogether -
I still must cope with change of weather.
The labs at last have all my blood;
A wound would scarcely cause a flood.
So ends this tale of all my woes
As histamine clogs up my nose.
Leah Funck

Things to remember:

  1. Tree pollen allergy season starts the 1st of March and goes through May.
  2. Grass pollen allergy season is during the entire months of May & June.
  3. Mold is always in the air except when it snows. Warm, humid weather is particularly bad and hot, humid summer nights also increase the mold spore count and allergy symptoms.
  4. Ragweed allergy season starts in late August and is present until the first frost.

Some things to keep in mind:

  1. Keep your windows closed and use your air conditioning during the allergy seasons.
  2. Allergy medications, such as antihistamines, Singulair, nasal steroid sprays, and antihistamine nasal sprays are helpful when allergy symptoms are severe.
  3. Remember that allergy drugs can be started and stopped, and are better when only used for severe symptoms. The basic treatment for allergies to things in the air is desensitization (allergy shots).
  4. Keep your windows closed at night.
  5. Everyone should take extra vitamin C (at least 2,000 mg. a day) and vitamin D (at least 3,000 units a day).
  6. Remember to wear a mask when you are being exposed to allergens like dust, dirt, chemicals, and pollen, present when cleaning, mowing the lawn, or doing yard work.
  7. NasalCrom can be bought as a nasal spray over-the-counter and should be used in anticipation of being in an environment that will aggravate allergies.
  8. In heavy pollen seasons, take your allergy shots more frequently.
  9. Remember, food allergies can make the airborne allergies worse, so try to stay on your diet during pollen seasons.
  10. Remember not to do any yard work or outdoor activities after your lawn has been fertilized or sprayed.
  11. Daily nasal irrigations can be helpful in ridding your nasal passages of pollen and other allergy causing irritants.
  12. When traveling in an automobile, keep the windows rolled up if possible.

Do I have allergies?

Not sure... take one of our brief allergy questionnaires for food allergies, chemical allergies, hormone allergies and inhalant (for example pollen) allergies, and find out if you may have an allergy to the items surrounding you every day.

Allergy Articles

Take Control of your Allergies

Helpful hints on dealing with allergies. See the list...

Alcoholism and Food Allergy

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Allergy and the Gut

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Exciting News On Chelation In Diabetes

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For New Patients

New Patients should print, review and complete(where applicable) this list of forms and bring them to your first visit.

New Patients click here for a printable *certificate for a free copy of "Hormones, Health, and Happiness" by Steven F. Hotze, M.D.

* The certificate has NO CASH VALUE and can ONLY be used during the first visit to Dayton Ear, Nose & Throat Surgeons.

FAA Pilot Exams for Medical Certification

Dayton, Ohio Area

Dr. Rogers has performed thousands of FAA pilot exams (1st, 2nd, and 3rd classes) in his more than 20 years as a senior AME (aviation medical examiner).

Pilot exams are generally available on short notice (one week or less) Monday thru Friday by simply calling 937-434-0555.

See the exam requirements and get more details.

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