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Dayton Ear, Nose, and Throat Surgeons, Inc. believes in providing comprehensive, quality patient care for ear, nose and throat problems. A leading Dayton, Ohio Allergy testing center, the doctors practice Environmental Medicine, or, allergy for the 21st century. Combining traditional inhalant allergy testing with emerging concepts in food and chemical allergy sensitivities testing, Dayton ENT is a leader in Dayton, Ohio for allergy testing and treatment.

We also provide the Doctors Hearing Service and other ambulatory services such as chelation, IV Therapy and Low Dose Allergen Immunotherapy.

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Season's Greetings

'Twas the day after testing when all up the arm
was a string of little dots that could do no harm.
Her head was hung low and still a bit unsure
in hope that the screening would give rise to a cure.

The house was all dusted and the molds were all gone.
They had even installed an artificial lawn!
With the cat put outside and the dander all swept
her nose was still running and with a headache she wept.

Off to the clinic she headed that day
with a preconceived notion what the doc would say.
"Your problem is beyond me, I'm sorry to say;
Go home, take two aspirin and call me in a day."

But her doctor wasn't like that she was soon to see,
for he was a disciple of Rinkle, Dickey, and Lee.
He believed many problems that rested in man
could be caused and cured by the pollens of the land.

But he also had found many chemicals were bad
and they had a proclivity to make people sad.
Some with exhaust and color dye, too...
or phenol or glycerin to just name a few.

With drop after drop they tested her well...
pretty soon she noticed with her nose she could smell!
Her headache was gone, her head was now clear.
"What was it?" she cried, her voice full of cheer.

"You'll hardly believe it, you'll be much surprised.
You're using it daily on your face and your eyes;
"Formaldehyde's the culprit" the doctor said with success,
"and you'll have to dispose of your synthetic dress."

But she knew in her heart these things could not be
for she owned no such dress or cosmetics, you see.
With the staff all perplexed, over the patient they did muse...
"Hark!" said the doctor, "It's the Kleenex you use!"

Joyfully she did smile as on her way she did go;
The answer to her problems they all now did know.
Her puzzle was solved in the office all right...
Merry Christmas to you and to all a good night!

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Do I have allergies?

Not sure... take one of our brief allergy questionnaires for food allergies, chemical allergies, hormone allergies and inhalant (for example pollen) allergies, and find out if you may have an allergy to the items surrounding you every day.

Allergy Articles

Take Control of your Allergies

Helpful hints on dealing with allergies. See the list...

Alcoholism and Food Allergy

Traditional medicine views alcoholism and "problem drinking" solely from the standpoints of alcohol or "mental disorder."  However, every form of alcoholic drink consumed also includes food products to which many people may become intolerant... Read more...

Allergy and the Gut

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Exciting News On Chelation In Diabetes

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For New Patients

New Patients should print, review and complete(where applicable) this list of forms and bring them to your first visit.

New Patients click here for a printable *certificate for a free copy of "Hormones, Health, and Happiness" by Steven F. Hotze, M.D.

* The certificate has NO CASH VALUE and can ONLY be used during the first visit to Dayton Ear, Nose & Throat Surgeons.

DOT Medical Exams for CDL

Available Monday thru Saturday. Find more information here.

See the Department of Transportation Driver Medical Requirements for Commercial Driver License at

FAA Pilot Exams for Medical Certification

Dayton, Ohio Area

Dr. Rogers has performed thousands of FAA pilot exams (1st, 2nd, and 3rd classes) in his more than 20 years as a senior AME (aviation medical examiner).

Pilot exams are generally available on short notice (one week or less) Monday thru Friday by simply calling 937-434-0555.

See the exam requirements and get more details.

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